Best 10 Designer | Fashionable Laptop Bags For Men| women [2020]

Designer & Fashionable Laptop bags for men & women[2019-2020]

Here we have short listed Best 10 Designer & Fashionable Laptop bags for men & women.also laptop bags reviews.

so Friends we known that laptop is very sensitive product and we need to protect it very carefully. Laptop is the thing that many people need to carry on daily basis for office for travelling or for other Business purpose. Laptop Bag is that thing which need for every person who  have laptop.

There are so many types of Laptop Bags some give look like professionalism some are Designer and fashionable laptop bags.

Top 10 Laptop bags for men & women:

God Ghost Anit-Theft 22 Litre Daring Texture Laptop Backpack.

Features :

  • New ghost version 2.0- Enhance feature upgrade quality of material and construction.
  • Imported, Heavy Duty YKK zipper and sliders
  • Security : Outer shell reinforced with unbreakable fibre embedded  sheets for thefts and pick-pocketing protection.
  • Water-resistant Polyester
  • provide super weather and damage protection
  • New, improved laptop pocket -6 point stretchable mechanism provided sung fit to all laptops up to 15.6 inches display

F Gear luxury Brown 25 liter Laptop Backpack

Features :

  • Outer Material: Synthetic, Colour: Brown
  • Water resistance: Water resistant
  • Dimension: 33 cms * 20 cms * 44 cms (L*W*H)
  • Laptop Compatibility: Yes, laptop Size: 15.6(Laptop size should be measure diagonally)
  • Warranty type: 1 year from the date of purchase

American Tourister 32 ltrs Black Laptop Backpack

Features :

  • Outer Material :Polyester , Colour :black,
  • Capacity : 32 litres
  • Number of Compartments : 3
  • Laptop Comparability: Yes, Laptop Size: 15.4 inches
  • Warranty type: 1 Year for   the date of purchase
  • New waffle weave fabric
  • 3 full compartment, 1 front compartment

Skybags lon 33 ltrs Gray laptop Backpack

Features :

  • Outer Material :Polyester , Colour :Grey,
  • Capacity : 33 litres
  • Number of Compartments : 2
  • Laptop Comparability: Yes,
  • Warranty type: Manufacturer; 12 month international Warranty
  • Quick access front pocket ,
  • zippered side pocket, key chain holder
  • It has adjustable chest strap and bottle holder


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Water Resistant Laptop bags for men & women

Wildcraft Turnaround Polyster 27 ltrs Blue Laptop bags for men & women

Features :

  • Outer material : polyester, colour: blue
  • Water Resistance: Water resistant, Dimensions :36 cms * 13 cms *50 cms(L*W*H)
  • Number of compartment: 3
  • Laptop Compatibility : Yes , Size: 14 inches
  • Light Weight

Lenovo 15.6 inch Laptop Backpack ( Casual )

Features :

  • Durable Design: Water repellent snow yarn polyester fabric
  • Comfortable fit: this has adjustable shoulder straps
  • Convenient storage
  • Warranty type: 1 Year Warranty for date of purchase

Gods Ghost 22 ltre Anti Theft 15.6 inch Laptop Backpack

Features :

  •  Material Type : Polyester, colour: Blue
  • Water Resistance: Water resistant
  • Number of Compartments: 6
  • Laptop Compatibility: yes
  • Light Weight

Aristocart Gusto Fabric 30 ltrs Laptop bags for men & women

Features :

  • Material type: Fabric , colour: red
  • Capacity : 30 litres, Weight:630 grams
  • Dimension: 33 cms * 20 cms * 49 cmcs (L*W*H)
  •   Laptop Compatibility: Yes
  • Warranty : 1 Year domestic warranty

HP Doutone 15.6 inch Laptop Backpack

Features :

  • Adjustable straps for shoulders
  • Extra pockets for easier organisation
  • Water resistance : Water resistant
  • Extra tablet And Smart phone pockets
  •  Durable handle

Lenovo GX40q17227 15.6 inch Casual Laptop Backpack

Features :

  • Material type: Polyester , Colour: grey
  • Water Resistance : water resistant
  • Extra Pockets
  • Durable handle
  • Adjustable straps for comfortable use

Unique laptop bags

Milestone laptop bag (Durable Bag)

Features :

  • material type: Snow yarn polyester , Colour: Black
  • Water Resistance : water resistant 
  • Durable laptop bag for unisex (male and female)
  • Two compartment one main and other on front side and two water bottle compartment on both side
  • Front compartments have other 2 small compartment for mobile, power bank etc.
  • Strong Zipper with best quality

Hp Essentials Slim Backpack

Features :

  • Water Resistance : eater resistant
  • Best build quality
  • Two big size compartments for laptop and other accessories with two water bottle compartment on both side
  • Durable bag with best look

One Side Leather Laptop Backpack

Features :

  • Multiple compartment for different items in organised way
  • Made with rich quality PU leather fabric is used to made this bag
  • Thick Shock Proof Foam is provided your laptop sized up to 15.6 inch
  • Stylish messenger bag which is perfect for professional businessman and office
  • solid and rust free zipper
  • 12 months warranty is also provided by company

Laptop bags for men & women Buying Guide:

Key points that should consider while selecting best laptop bag.

  1. Size of Laptop bag : You should focus on the size of your laptop and should select laptop bag accordingly. The laptop bag should have more space to store other stuff that we carry in daily life.
  2. Number of pockets in bag : The laptop bag should have at least 3 compartments or more to store other essential stuff like laptop charger, USB codes , CD etc. Hence it is important while selecting laptop bag to take care laptop bag have some pockets.
  3. Best quality & Less price : Laptop bag should have best quality material used because we store most valuable and important laptop in it. It is dangerous to break handle of  laptop bag while travelling, so check quality of laptop bag. also the price is important factor hence we have included laptop bag that have budget friendly price.  
  4. Look of Bag : Look of laptop bag is important because professional look adds impression on other persons. We have included all types of bags in the above list that have fissionable look and also have professional look.


Which is best laptop bag?
  • Laptop bag which is Water resistant and with warranty can be said as best laptop bag

Is laptop bag can hold other things?

  • Yes. Many laptop bags comes with many compartment that help to hold your mobile, power bank and other things

Are laptop bags waterproof?

  • Yes, some of them are waterproof that are included in above list

where buy laptop bag?

  • Amazon is best website to buy laptop bags

which is the best laptop bag brand?

  • American Tourister is best brand in laptop bags

Conclusion :

All Backpacks are water Resistant and have warranty in list of  Best 10 Designer & Fashionable Laptop bags for men & women. In addition Select the laptop Bag according to size of your laptop and keep your laptop safe. also the list include all types of laptop bag best for Businessman, office and for casual use which are durable and best for long time use. Hope so you will get best laptop bag for your laptop.

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