10 Great Large Wall Clocks For Living Room And Kitchen [2020]

Large Wall Clocks Product Review [2020]

Wall Clocks are basic but essential product in our house, It also use for decor the house in a better way.There are many types of clocks available like Digital wall clocks, Roman number clocks, antique wall clocks,vintage wall clocks, customised wall clocks and many other wall clocks for Living room hence while choosing wall clocks you get many options to choose correct one for you. All wall clocks on amazon

Unique Wall Clocks 

1. Solimo Wall Clock (12 inch)

This is first wall clock of our list is simple with colourful model made up of plastic material and having glass face. This will add nice look to your living room. It has black frame & this clock can be ideal for bedroom as well as living room.It has big and clear numbers.


  • Big and Clear numbers
  • Light weight
  • Attractive colourful face


  • Low material quality
  • Clock dimension are  big
  • Not suitable for long term use


This is best clock for living room as well as bedroom use. But it is made up of plastic material that reduce it’s use time because of low quality plastic.But as compare to it’s price it is better choice for home.

2. Classic Wall Clock(antique wall clocks online)

This classic look wall clock is best choose for home and also for office. It will add classic and impressive look to your office. This clock has White colour and 28 cm *28 cm * 3.5 cm dimensions. It is analogue wall clock made of plastic material.


  • Better choice for office
  • simple and classic look
  • budget friendly


  • Low Quality plastic material
  • Not for long use


You can buy this analogue wall clock for your office use and also for bedroom and living room use. It’s price is not much high. Also the look is classic which is best choice for office.But body material used is plastic which need soft use.

3. Digital Wall Clock

This is square shape digital wall clock with green LED.It is made up of glass having plastic frame and has multi colour feature. This digital clock needs electric connection to work. the battery of clock is always locked.


  • Multi colour feature
  • Attractive look
  • It also has temperature sensors


  • Need care to use
  • Electric connection required
  • Brightness is not adjustable


Good option but it has glass display which needs care in using. It has multi colour attractive look. And display shows temperature with time which is best feature. warranty is not provided with this digital clock.



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4. Roman Number Clock(ajanta wall clocks)

This Roman Number Round Shape Clock has 25 cm * 25 cm *4 cm dimension and has brown colour. It is made of plastic material with glass on it’s front and have low weight.Roman digits on clock shows impressive look to home wall.It has best parts in clock that are useful for long time, the clock will not stop until the battery dead.


  • Stylish look
  • Brown colour with Round shape
  • Better Build Quality


  • warranty is not given on this clock
  • batteries are not provided with clock


It has very premium look on clock because of Roman Number On Clock that gives extra benefit in decoration of your wall. Build Quality of clock is also better.Hence this watch is value for money.

5. Art wall clock

It is designer wall clock having very beautiful art in it’s design. The art work contain butterfly design and it is very better option for gift. This clock has black colour that will match with any colour wall.

This clock has best attractive art work with stones on butterfly.


  • Beautiful Artwork Clock
  • Better Quality
  • Best option for gifting someone
  • Budget Friendly Clock


  • Warranty not given


It is best choice for placing it in your Living room or Gifting someone. This clock has Designer look and art work.

Designer wall clocks online India

6. Capioart Wooden Wall Clock

This is capioart hand painted wall clock maid of wooden material.  The clock has design of peacock on it and the special feature is this clock is hand painted that make it different from all.This clock is suitable for bedroom and living room also this is best gift for any one.


  • Hand Painted
  • Decorative pic
  • Multi-colour


  • Price is little high


This is best clock for Living room that will add more colours to your interior and best gift choice.

7. Alarm Wall clock

This is analogy alarm clock made up of plastic material.It has special feature you can set alarm. This cock required 2 batteries.


  • Special Alarm feature
  • Good Design
  • Big Size


  • Battery drain fast because of alarm sound
  • Weight of clock is little high
  • Need to read manual to set alarm


This alarm clock also do the work of alarm hence it is good choice to buy this rather than taking separate alarm. Also the design is also good.

8. Personalised wall clocks with pictures:

These customised wall clocks with pictures are better for gifting some one. You can add your family images to this.This is best wall clock for homes decoration, office decoration, Gift, Corporate gift, wedding gift.These are use full for home as well as office. This has black colour which is suitable for any coloured wall.


  • Decorative Clock
  • Best gift for weddings
  • Designer look


  • Large in size because of many image slots
  • High Price


This clock has best designer look and black colour. This is best for gifting anyone. you Can add images of friends and family members.

9. Casio wall clock :

Casio is very old and famous wall clock company. This wall clock has the best feature of good quality. Also this clock has R6P battery type which has the 12 month life. It as black colour and simple look.


  • This clock has better built quality
  • Budget friendly price
  • best and simple design
  • The clock battery life is long


  • No Warranty


It has better battery life and high built quality. Also price is not very high.

wall clocks for living room

10. Seiko wall Clocks :

Seiko wall Clock is brown colour clock. plastic material is used.  This clock not make any noise. It also looks premium. This clock has large dial and radium is used on clock Which makes it easy to see form long distance.


  • Best build quality
  • Premium look
  • Comes with warranty card
  • Very simple and best design
  • Light weight


  • time setting is manual and hard for some.
  • The price is very high
  • Plastic body material used.


The clock is good if you want is invest high amount of money at initial time and the clock will work for long time without any complaint.

Best And Cheap Wall Clocks

11. Wooden Wall Clocks:

This is wooden wall clocks having colourful stone work on it. It looks very expensive but the price is budget friendly. It is best for living room.


  • fancy wall clock
  • price is affordable
  • Light weight
  • Easy to set time


  • not washable because of wooden material
  • small dial not visible clearly for long distance
  • No warranty come with clock
  • quality of this clock is not much better


The eCraftIndia Crystal Studded Decorative Wooden Wall Clock not allow you to clean it with wet cloth you need to clean it with dry cloth or less wet cloth. The clock has best design and light weight.

12. Fancy Wall Clocks:

Avcollection Divyacraft Analogue Wall Clock is classic styled analoge wall clock. It has modern type design and the wall clock has good quality. This clock is best to add charm to your room. It has round shape, Brown colour.


  • Cheap price and very fordable price
  • Best Design and fancy look
  • Easy to set time and user friendly
  • The build quality of this clock is good


  • Stone work need care while using


Best clock for gifting on wedding and housewarings . Stone work add good look to this clock.

13. Asian Multistore Large Wall Clocks For Living Room:

Asian Multistore wall clocks for living room. It is  suitable for bedroom also. It dimensions are 14*13 inches. This is wooden wall clock but the speciality is it is hand painted.


  • Hand painted
  • Very impressive look
  • low cost
  • Very beautiful peacock design


  • Need to clean it with dry cloth
  • No warranty


Peacock design and hand painted colour add the shiny and impressive look clock. This clock is best for living room. Clock is easy to set time. The price of clock is not much high. It is also best for gift someone.

14. Classique Pastel Pink:

This Classique Pastel Pink clock is best for girls. It is best for bedroom. This clock colour is pink. It comes with batteries. This clock company  give warranty of 1 year on the clock. Price is low.


  • Clear and big number representation on the clock
  • 1 year warranty
  • It don’t make any noise


  • pink paper is used in clock instead of colour.
  • Second hand in not provided


Second hand is not given is very disappointing in this clock for many customers. Also the pink colour is not painted on clock only the paper is used in background. But the quality of clock is good also the warranty is given.Hence if you don’t have issue with second had then this is best clock for you.

15. IIK COLLECTION Glass Wall Clock:

IIK COLLECTION Glass Wall Clock has avenger design on the background. It is best for boys who love avenger series. Best clock for beadroom.


  • warranty provided
  • best design


  • plastic material used for body
  • Quality is not much premium


IIK COLLECTION Glass Clock best for kids bedroom and It’s price is not much high. Also the warranty is provided.

Buying Guidelines For Large Wall Clocks For Living Room:

1.Size: Before selecting any wall clock you should check the size of the clock because some of the clocks are very big or small in size that do not suit on wall. Hence size matters while selecting best wall clock for home or office.

2.Batteries: There are many different battery types some of them are easily available and some are not, so before selecting clock you should check the battery type. Rechargeable batteries are best for long time use of clock.

3. Warranty: warranty also should provide with clock so we can claim warranty if clock stop working before the time. Also warranty gives us trust factor to choose the clock because best quality clock are generally comes with log time warranty period because the material used in clocks are of good quality used.

4.Build Quality: It is prime measure on that you should focus when you or buying clock or any other item. Some of wall clocks has less price but the low quality plastic body and other low quality materials are used the cause very less time useful clock which is only west of our money.Always select clock has best quality material used.


Which brand is best for wall clocks?

  • AJANTA & OREVA are best brand in wall clocks

Where to hang wall clock in living room?

  • It is better to hang wall clock in up side of door of living room.

Can wall clock be gifted?

  • Designer wall clocks are best choice for gift.

Why wall clock is not working?

  • It can be possible the batteries of wall clock are dead.

What are the best alarm clock?

  • sapphire is best company in alarm clock.


All wall clock in the list are available on amazon. Many of the clock has warranty. It is best to choose wall clock comes with warranty and batteries. select the size of clock as your requirement and size of wall.

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