Vegetable Cutting Machine For Home Reviews: Why Manual Or Why Electric

Best vegetable cutting machine for home is very essential and useful product in every kitchen.

It is well known that 70% of cooking needs to cutting, chopping or slicing of vegetables. Also the fine cut of vegetables adds extra benefits to your recipe.

Vegetable cutter or slicer will help so much in vegetable cutting and saves lots of time. You can focus on the main meal that you want to make.

best vegetable chopper machine for kitchen included  in this list have budget friendly price and useful for professional and new cook as well. Hence it is always best decision to invest in vegetable copper.

This list include all different types of  vegetable cutting machine for home of all best brands and all vegetable cutting machine are budget friendly. These vegetable cutter has mainly two types hand chopper and electric vegetable cutter.

You can check chopper price by simply click on button given below all product reviews.

Vegetable cutting machine for home Reviews 2020

Prestige vegetables cutting machine:

Why Prestige vegetable cutting machine: we have include prestige at the top of the least because it  is treatable brand. The prestige is very experienced and one of the best brand in kitchen items.

Prestige does not compromise with the quality of martial and make products with quality martial and long daily use.

Prestige 3.0 plastic veggie cutter:

This cutter is 350 ml container maid with plastic material but the build quality. It does note need electricity to run it runs manually. Simple handle pulling mechanism is provided to cut the vegetables. Simply pull the cord and you get cut veggies. It is made with best quality plastic for  daily use. The size is small and it cuts the vegetables in fine and medium size. This Prestige plastic veggie cutter is ideal for chopping and cutting food items like onion, fruit, herbs, nuts, cheese, cooked meet and fish also.


  • It does not required electricity to use.
  • Simple handle pulling mechanism is provided
  • The plastic body is very strong and high durable
  • It saves time and efforts
  • Cutter make chopping of vegetable seamless and easy process


  • Needs to remove blades carefully before removing vegetables form bowl.


Prestige plastic veggie cutter has smart design which helps easily cut with less work. It cuts wide verity of vegetables and fruits. It is Really simple to use it.The body is strong and durable hence you can definitely choose this item for daily use.


Mini Vegetable Electric Chopper machine:

It is another mid-range vegetable cutter by prestige having same functionality as the above one like simply pulling the cord. But it has shape different like mixer which enhance the functionality to also useful in mixing eggs, whipping cream and other liquid mixing make easy without electricity.


  • Use in vegetable and fruit cutting
  • Also useful in liquid mixing
  • simple and easy mechanism
  • Useful in hard, soft and fibrous


  • Small size cutter is much better to cut solid food item over this cutter
  • Hard to clean and remove the food or liquid from the bottom of the chopper because of it’s long vertical shape.


This chopper chop the veggies more fine as you increase the number of pulling. You can also mix liquid food items is extra functionality in this copper than other choppers.


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Best vegetable chopper electric

Prestige Electric chopper review:

This prestige 250 watt electric chopper is suitable for cutting soft and hard vegetables, herbs , spices, nuts and cooked meat and fish. It can chop cores, medium or fine. Also plastic container is useful to store or refrigerate the food.


  • Useful in Chopping, Dicing and Whipping
  • Simple press button use to operate it simply
  • It is multi purpose used in chopping vegetables, fruits and whipping also
  • Compact size and attractive design
  • Powerful motor
  • Best quality extra sharp stainless steel blades


  • Price is bit higher because of electric functionality
  • Blades are at bottom side hence lower upper pieces of  food not cut at same size as lower in some cases


Prestige electric chopper is powerful, sleek and versatile. It is multi-functional and have the simple press button on top of it Which make daily chopping work easy.It has twin stainless steel blades system which has good performance and the overall quality is also good.


Hand Chopper And Vegetable Cutting Machine

Ganesh Plastic Vegetable and slicer dicer chopper:

This multipurpose chopper has unbreakable container provide.Also it has ribber grip base  which hold the container firmly in place. Only you  need to put vegetable or fruit on the container and press the upper portion on it. It is simplest essayist and fastest way to cut the veggies.It has advance push to clean button to ensure the hygienic cleaning.

What comes with Package :- 1 ABS Plastic body Container, 1 peeler with grater, 1 safety holder, 1 masher & 1 handle with cleaning press. Also multiple Blades: 1 dual, 2 slicer, 2 grater, 1 Juliane, blade die attachment


  • Unbreakable ABS Plastic Body
  • Large detachable container which is easy to clean
  • Container also useful for storage purpose
  • Multiple Dicer for cutting, Chopping and slicing needs
  • Unique Push to clean button
  • Multiple and long lasting blades


  • Not Cons


  • This Product is useful in all need like cutting, chopping and slicing. Also the build quality is best and product is very useful. The price is budget friendly. This is best vegetable chopper machine for kitchen.


Wonderchef food processor and vegetable cutter:

Wonderchef vegetable chopper is unique dual speed manual food processor with stainless steel blades. Sharp blades are useful for cutting, slicing, mixing and chopping. Extra feature in this product is there are four setting in slicer-dicer disk for versatile use. It has whipper for mixing dough and beating eggs.

What comes with package :- 1 piece food processor, 1 chopping blade, 1 whip blade,  1 piece slicing platform of 3


  • 1 year warranty is provided
  • Price is budget friendly
  • Extra feature is whipper for mixing dough and mixing eggs
  • Whipper is provided for dough mixing With cutter and slicer
  • No need of electricity
  • High quality material is used for long lasting use
  • Efficient manual food processor for your daily needs


  • No cons


Wonderchef food processor is best for kitchen use because it is also useful in whipping dough, cutting vegetables, slicing and mixing. Company provide 1 year warranty so you can trust on product.


 Multipurpose Vegetable and slicer dicer chopper:

We choose this chopper in list because of another different type. In this cutter you only need to move the handle in clock wise direction and you will get chopped veggies. Blades are attached to safe side hence your hand will be safe while removing food items from the container.

What comes with package:- 1 piece onion and vegetable chopper.


  • Unbreakable body made with poly-Carbonate
  • Hand is safe from blades
  • Fast and easy to use


  • This is only useful for cutting not useful in slicing and whipping


This vegetable cutter has best build quality but only useful in cutting. Whipping and slicing is not possible in this chopper.


Pigeon Mini Hand Chopper and onion cutter:

Pigeon has unique string function to chop vegetables and fruit. It’s size is small and operating on this chopper is easy for every one.  Blades are inside which will help to easily us the chopper for new person in cooking also.


  • Easy and to use
  • 30 days warranty
  • Sharp blades and durable product
  • No electricity required
  • Easy to disassemble and clean
  • Highly compact and easy to store


  • It is experienced that this is only better for vegetable except  onion, chilies and tomatoes are hard to chopping in this chopper


30 days warranty is provided by the company on product manufacturing defect. So you can easily trust on this product to buy.

Buying Guidelines of vegetable cutting machine for home:

Before selecting best chopper with quality factor you need to get understand some questions to choose best chopper for you.

Electric VS Manual

Which Should Be The Best For Me Manual vegetable chopper Or Electric Chopper?

It is totally depend on you meal plans to prepare much times and requirements. Many of the electric chopper  provide limited functionality.

Why manual vegetable choppers is best for me?

manual chopper are useful for slicing, chopping and cutting purpose. Manual choppers provide multiple attachments that can attach to container as per requirement of meal you are preparing.

If you use to make salad for daily or multiple time or you need to save the time in slicing before every day cooking process then the manual chopper is best. Manual chopper not take time it also take your only 2-5 minutes for chopping vegetables like onion, chillies, tomatoes, potato’s.

Also manual choppers not need so such energy, We have included the best vegetable chopper the only need to pull the cord for some times and you will get fine cut vegetables.

When I need electric chopper?

Electric choppers are also good to cut vegetables and also use full for mixing liquids, but some points you need to focus

  • Electric chopper needs to clean with hands
  • needs electricity
  • Electric choppers have limited blade attachments and not useful for slicing

Is Cleaning easy for chopper?

Manual Vegetable chopper can be easily clean in dish washer not need to clean with hands. And detachment of chopper is also easy and you can simply remove blade before cleaning container.

Electric vegetable chopper are need to clean with hands and can’t clean in dish washer.


In conclusion all vegetable cutting machine for home of above list are of different types and best brand in kitchen accessories. All vegetable cutter online in India available on Amazon. The list include verity of best vegetable chopper machine for kitchen, onion chopper. Also some of the are multipurpose and useful in whipping and mixing dough.  We have selected best vegetable choppers of different types to get you best.

People Also Ask:

Which is best vegetable cutting machine for home?

Prestige vegetables cutting machine is best choice in vegetable chopper.

Which is the best electric vegetable chopper?

Prestige electric vegetable chopper is best to buy.

How to use vegetable chopper?

Manual chopper only need to pull the cord or press the upper portion to cut vegetables.

Can you use food chopper as a blender?

A blender is better option for liquids, some of the food chopper are work for liquids that are given Here.

Which is the best mini food chopper?

Pigeon mini hand chopper is best choice.


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