Top 10 Ironing Board List | Reviews & Buying Guide[2020]

Iron Board Reviews [2020]

Ironing Board are very use full and home essential product that need in every house on daily basis. We all love to were ironed cloths every day and with ironing board we can ironed our cloths very easily and fast. We have listed some of best brand Ironing board in cheap price with best quality.

Also we have given all information about laundry room storage/organisation with ironing board hanger.

Best Ironing Board List

1. Bathla X-Pres Ace Lite

This Iron board fulfil your all requirement and have the best build quality also the company provide 2 year warranty on product that give us extra trust factor on the quality of product. Anti-skid shoes are also provided that prevent your house floor form scratches. Light weight hence easy to carry from one place to another.


  • Heat transfer material used that save 40% electricity.
  • 2 years warranty
  • Height adjustment as your comfort
  • Best Build Quality
  • Light Weight


  • It has high initial price compare to other boards.


This Product has best build quality and best ironing board of the list. Also the warranty period is enough as compare to it;s prize. This product is value for money. The anti-skid shoes prevent the scratches on the floor from the metal legs of this board. This product also reduce in light bill because of heat transfer material.


2. Sasimo self standing Iron Board

This is basically best quality and less price product that you can go with. It has all features like Iron holder, cloth holder and long 3 year warranty. It has 4 different sizes according to customer choice.


  • 3 year warranty
  • Best build quality
  • Adjustable 4 heights


  • High price product


It is premium quality product in less price compare to other brands having all same features. Also the provide 3 years warranty and four different sizes for  comfortable usage.


3. Oumffy Extra Wide Ironing Board

There is Wide large area provided to iron cloth easily. Also colourful cloth is use to increase the show of room. 4 different height you can use as per your need gives better user experience. Fold-able Lock keep board lock in folded condition.


  • Extra wide area to iron cloths
  • 3 year warranty
  •  Lock System on folding board
  • Colourful Design


  • weight is slightly high.


This is very wide board which helps to place any size cloth and iron easily. Attractive Iron board with beautiful design. Definitely you should go for it.



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4. GUDS Ironing Board

This Iron Board has very cheap price. But yes some features are less from other boards. As compare to price this is very good choice.It has hot steam iron holder and the board is made up of wooden and height is also adjustable.


  • Cheap Price
  • Height adjustment


  • Heat transfer material is not used
  • Not useful for long duration
  • Iron cloth holder compartment is not given


There are some features less than other board but still compare to price this is best choice for hostel  students and price is very low as compare to other.


5. Keekos Iron Table

It has multi functional tray that provide ease while ironing cloths. Aluminised ironing surface is given, and have 2 year warranty.


  • Heat resistance iron holder
  • Multi functional tray
  • 2 year warranty


  • wire holding cord is not provide
  • board cloth is not much better quality


All requirement fulfil product. Some of extra features missing but over all the warranty period is better as compare to pricing.

Cheapest Ironing Board

6. Dolphy wall mounted ironing board

This is multi functional ironing board. It has dimension of 37 cm width * 60 cm long. This is basically for sitting use. It has hanger provided for hanging purpose. This is foldable and compact in size. It has removable washable cover that can wash separately. it’s legs are strong and thick felt material is provide so ironing become smooth.


  • Compact size
  • multipurpose use
  • strong build quality
  • thick cloth and smooth experience


  • No warranty
  • High price


The height is best for multipurpose usage of board. The cloth is removable and can be wash many times. compact size make it better than other products but the price is slightly high. But overall the product has best build quality with strong legs to support extra load on board.


7. Magna Homeware Ironing Board

48*16 (lenght * width) ironing board. It has removable and washable cloth. It is foldable and hight is also adjustable. Designer cloth on the board is used. The board is made of wooden material and legs are of metal.


  • rubber cover for feet
  • ironing board cover washable
  • folding ironing board wall mounted
  • cheapest ironing board


  • board made of wooden material
  • metal quality is not much durable
  • wire management cord is not given
  • cloth storage place is not available


It is cheapest ironing board. It can be fold and take less space when not in use. ironing board cover is washable which is very impotent. Height is also adjustable.


8. Peng T-Leg Ironing Board

It has stable T-type legs. Height is adjustable in this board. The best prat is price, it has very less price. It has iron holder provide. but the wire management cord is not given.


  • very low price
  • Light weight to carry
  • Adjustable height


  • wire management cord is not given
  • build quality is not much better
  • cloth storage place is not available
  • warranty not given


The price is very low. Best board for hostile students. Not suitable for long time use.


9. Flipzon Unique Ironing Board

Designer and colourful cloth is used. Height can be adjustable to 3 different position. It is very easy to change height as required. foldable when not in use. Basic functionality are same as other tables.


  • less price
  • easy to store
  • Iron holder


  • Cloth storage place is not provided
  • No warranty
  • wire management cord is not given


Height is adjustable, foldable table and less price. This is best as compare to price. some premium features are not given like cord management for wire.


10. Bathla x-press Promo

It is very premium quality ironing table having all essential features like management cord, cloth storage facility, rubber feet and high quality, Iron holder, step-less height adjustment etc.


  • Premium quality
  • Anti-skid shoes
  • heat resistant iron holder
  • large size
  • light weight


  • high price
  •  Not very stable and sturdy compared to Bathla Ace
  • wire management is useless


Best product but price is bit high. gives better performance. all basic features available

Ironing Board Hanger

1. Dolphy Wall Mounted Iron Board Holder

Laundry room storage is big problem. This laundry room organisation product [Ironing board hanger] is very use full product to hand the board. It’s price is not very high and take less space in room. It can be hang on the wall or to door which is very easy with usual mounting hardware.


  • Space saving
  • strong steel Hooks are used to hang the board
  • Heat resistant unit


  • Required basic hardware tool to hang the holder on wall or door.


Very useful for laundry room storage. In other word it will take less space and gives more benefits. laundry room organization  problem very easily solved by this product. It installation is easy only required basic hardware.

Buying Guidelines :

1. Fire proof Iron stand : There are various ironing board are available in many e-commerce websites but many board has only the simple stand to hold the iron. while you select you should focus on these small but impotent things.

2. Warranty : Some Brands are giving 2 years warranty on Board that are good to choose that product. We have also list the board that comes with 3 year warranty Which is enough for home use.

3. Quality : Don’t Comprise with Quality. There is only small difference in price but high price can give you 1 year extra warranty because of quality product. The board should be durable and made up of best quality material. Many the ironing board that are listed above are made up of good quality and  long warranty.

4.Size : Size of ironing board matters more, If the board is not sufficient wide to place the shirt on the board then it become difficult to iron cloths. Hence the size of board should wide enough to place the shirt. Best size of ironing board is 39 inch long * 12 inch wide.

5.Other features : Other features also should be take into consideration while purchasing ironing board. There are features like cloth storage place, wire management cord, heat proof cloth material.


Which ironing board is best?

What is the size of ironing board?

  • Many different size are available, most common is 39 inch long * 12 inch wide.

What is the height of ironing board?

  • 3-4 adjustable height are provided in Iron board.

Does ironing board fold-able?

  • Yes

Does Ironing board have cloth storage?

  • Yes.But In Some Board that is not provided.

Dose it can be use siting on the floor?

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