Daily Life Home Essentials Depot List For New House 2020

In this list, we are giving you the best suggestion list for home essential items that are required in daily life. We have included all items that fulfill our daily requirements just like the key holder, wall clock, and many others. We have given the information in pro and cons pattern to an easy understanding and our review on this product is given in the conclusions section in every product.

Daily Life Home Essentials for New House

1. Key Holder

This is very basic but essential product that we need. It is very needed when you come from outside then there is fix place to keep your car, bike or house keys so next time when you want keys you don’t need to find it in the whole house.


  • Cheap in price
  • Elegant Decor
  • multi functional
  • Ideal Storage


  • Plastic material key holder break easily after some time use


We all need to find our keys daily because of it do not  have a fix place in house Key holder is perfect house accessories It is multinational and It Could be use to hang jewellery or fashion accessories.

2. Wall Clocks

Wall Clocks are very important to but it can also be useful to decor house. Clocks are comes in many different types that can add extra good look of Our Living Room.


  • Adds premium look in House
  • Ideal for Living Room
  • Best for gifting on wedding, birthday


  • Batteries needed


Wall clock is no doubt product that every one needed daily at any situation. so this is a perfect essential product that we need regularly.

3. Dinnerware Sets

Dinnerware sets is product that we need every day or at special occasion. It add very nice lock on Dinning table. some of best brands in dinnerware set are Cello and Larah.


  • Microwave safe
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Nice Look


  • Need care while Handling


This is Classic and every day essential product of home that should be in every ones kitchen.

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4. Egg Boiler

This is  best product of the list of Home Essentials. Egg Boiler is very useful because it require very less amount of water to boil eggs. It Boil 6 Eggs at a time in only 8-10 minutes. There are many options to buy Egg Boiler on e-commerce sites.


  • Time Saving
  • Easy to use
  • Cheap in price
  • Boil 6 Eggs at one time


  • material quality is poor
  • Need electricity


Very good product that we suggest you to buy. It will save your time and it get automatically off when work get done. Also easy to clean and safe to use.100% useful product.

5. Induction stove

Induction stove has many good features like it easy our work, save gas and using this you also save much money. It is easy to carry to any where because of it’s small size. This induction stove also useful for office. It is useful for making coffee or tea hence no need of big and expensive gas stove. These stove has all required function for boiling water, making soup and many other functions. Also it is easy to use and store.


  • Easy to use
  • Save our money
  • Price is budget friendly
  • Small size and easy to carry


  • Need electricity


Induction stove is very useful product for each house. It saves money and best essential product for kitchen.

6. Spin Mop

This spin mop is very easy to use only you have to unlock the mop to remove form bucket and then lock while using it. Bucket has long puller to carry it. It has 113 cm length pipe which is comfortable to use it. It has one extra micro fibre refill. Bucket is very light weight and the flexible head is given with telescopic handle. The micro fibre refill is super absorbing.


  • It is very easy to clean large area with spin mop
  • saves the time
  • Height is adjustable
  • Light weight and easy to carry


  • Stick handle has not much better quality material
  • Plastic used is very thin


Mop make your cleaning work very easy and saves your much time. also it is easy to carry form one place to other place.

7.Home Garden Pots (Plants for home garden)

You can make home vegetable garden India on your terrace. You can grow beautiful home garden and pool.  This product has 4 self watering pot. This will add colour to  your home garden and it has easy grow plants in it. Best feature is that you need to feel water is only twice in week.


  • water required twice a week only
  • Easy growing plants
  • Most popular indoor and Colourful plants are provided


  • Pot size is small
  • Different plant needs different water levels hence need to check many times


The pots are very useful for indoor gardening and make garen on your terrace to grow vegetables but check the size before buying it.

People Ask For:

What are some Home Essentials Depot?

  • The top home essential list is given in the above article.

Which is the best site to buy home essentials?

  • Amazon is the best site to buy home essentials, this site provides you reviews of real users of the product.

What are home essentials on amazon?

  • Best product are listed in article that all available on amazon

Does home essential product are useful in new house?

  • Yes. This list also useful for new house.

Where to buy home essentials?

  • Amazon.com has all range product of home essential

How to get home essentials for cheap?

  • Click on Know more in the article.


We have selected some of the best products that you could have not taken yet. These products are small but essential in every new house. If you liked the list then comment below. We have mentioned all frequently asked questions by readers in the article above if you have any query, feel free to ask in the comment section. Hope this article helps you. If you liked the article don’t forget to mention in the comments.

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