Best Space Heater For Large Room With High Ceilings [2020]

If you want to find best space heater for large room with high ceilings,

Then friends now you are on perfect article, here we have give all details of heater,

  • different best heater options for large room
  • types of heater, power consumption
  • all different options for best room heater
  • What you should focus before selecting best heater for your home(Buying Guide)
  • frequently asked questions by buyers

Energy efficient space heater for large room:

Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater(Our Choice):

This infrared heater is portable and it has multiple good features like It has automatic energy saving model with high and low feature, it heat large room easily and saves electricity automatically.

This heater has dual heating system include quartz tube + PTC. It also has automatic shut off timer of 12 hr, so you can on it at night and using timer it will get off automatically.

It has IR remote control so you not need to wake up to change heating setting multiple times as like other heaters. This heater is very quiet and have low noise of 39 DB which is very useful at slipping time. The heating of this heater can cover large room very easily.

This heater has caster wheels which makes heater easy to move. also the cord of heater is long enough 72 inch. It require 1500 watt power.


  • Automatic Power saving
  • Useful heater for large rooms
  • Caster wheels for easy moving
  • 72 inch Long cord
  • The heater is very quiet and has low noise


This is best space heater for large room with high ceilings. we highly recommend this heater for large room. It has multiple features that we required in room heater for home.

Aikoper Space Heater:

This is another good space heater made of heat retardant material and safe for any work place or home.  This heater has temperature setting with range of 40 to 95 degree F. It also has high and low mode of 900 Watt and 1500 Watt.

The setting panel is user friendly and easy to use for any one. This heater provide constant heat in room and this heater heat the air around you very instantly. Carrying the heater is become easy because of it’s handle. It does not require any assembly.

It also has ECO setting to decrease your electricity bill. This heater also has auto shut off feature which avoids overheating problem.

It has 8 hr timer which is useful for right time warm the room. This is safe for family, Kids. This heater has best quality material.


  • Two heating modes
  • easy setting panel
  • No assembly required
  • handle provided to carry it
  • Energy efficient space heater


This is best electric heater for large room. The price is budget friendly and this is energy efficient. You can definitely buy it.

Indoor Portable Space Heater:

This heater quickly heat up to 70 degree F in 3 seconds with ceramic heating technology. It is electric-resistance radiant heater. It has small size and portable. This has three heating options provided high, low and ECO to customise temperature. Specially the ECO automatic setting helps to save electricty.


  • This space heater is user friendly
  • portable and easy to move
  • budget friendly price
  • Easy to touch control panel
  • Overheating protection is provided
  • 24 hr timer
  • 50 DB low noise
  • ECO mode Saves energy


This heater is best for home, it is safe and available in budget friendly price. This heater is best choice as best large room space heater.

Some other best types of electric room heater for home and office:

1.Oil heater:

When we turn on these heater heating element start heating oil and when air pass through it, the air get heat. These heaters has so many benefits.

It does not cause suffocation in room. It don’t increase so much electricity bill.But these heaters are heavy and costly.


  • It does not cause suffocation in room
  • In case electricity is not available it produce heat for 3 to 4 hrs.
  • It does not produce much electricity bill


These Oil Heaters are heavy but it work even electricity get turn off, price is little higher but over all this is good featured heater. This type of heater is also Best Room Heater For Baby.

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2.Fan/Blower  Heaters:

If your room size is big then these are best choice. because it through the heat there is air blowing from these heaters which cover whole room.

It warm up room is less time. These fan type heater are useful in both summer and winter. because it has option to only turn on fan.


  • small size and easy to carry
  • best whole room heater
  • useful in summer and winter
  • useful for instantly heat large size room


These are best heater for large room.  Price of these heaters are not much high.  You can only use it as fan.

3.Quartz Tube Heater:

Quartz heater has basically dabble heating element, and these are of quartz heating element. It is portable room heater and can be carry form one room to another very easily. also these heaters are cost effective.It don’t have much price .

In these heater one heating element take 400 watt ant it has two heating element hence it will take 800 watt. You can manually one one or both element on and off.

The problem is it has burning element in it so it reduce oxygen level and can cause suffocation. You can use humidifier or can store water in bowl to maintain the oxygen level. these are simple remedies you can apply.

It has handle behind the heater but use only it for placing purpose or for carry it. And it is special note that don’t hang it on Ceilings.

This has overheat protection and comes with ETL certificate.


  • External material is of metal casing hence it is durable
  • Handle provided Easy to carry for one place to other
  • It is cost effective
  • options to on-off one or two heating elements (can save electricity)
  • It is small room heater size hence easy to place at any small space
  • overheat protection is provided


This Quartz tube room heater can be the best option for garage as well as home and easy to use. Cost is also not high, so can definitely go with it.

4.Halogen Heater:

This halogen heater has tubes and the tubes has halogen gas field in it hence it is called halogen heater. It product yellow or red coloured light. It is better than quartz heater and price of these heater is also high compare to quartz heater.

These halogen heater product more heat than quartz heater and it’s light is also more than quartz heater, so if you want to use it in night then it can be problematic.

It also has safety push button. If this heater fall down by mistake then this safety button get pushed and it will get off. Power consumption is 400 watt.


  • These heaters are instantaneous
  • these are best for small space
  • safety  button is provided
  • Build quality is also good


This is best heater which produce heat instantaneously and good safety features are provided with it. The price good as compare to its features.

5.Gas Heater:

It works on gas and it need only small amount of electricity. These are also called Japanese heater.

Buying Guideline For Room Heater:

Energy Consumption:Always focus on energy consumption of heater, heater need very high electricity it increase electricity bill very fast. Hence we have include energy efficient space heater for large room in our article.

Safety: Buy the heater which is safe for house and safe in the presence of kids.

Temperature setting: The heater you select for you that should have temperature setting  adjustment.

Handle or Wheels: Heater should have handle or wheels to carry it form one place to another.


Hope you have got idea about how to select Best Space Heater For Large Room With High Ceilings. In above list we have given all types of room heater. All best space heater for large room with high ceilings. The given heater include all price range low and high. Select the best room heater  as per your requirement.


Which is the best space heater for large room?

  • Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater is best for large room.

Is room heater harmful for health?

  • Not all but Some of the room heater can cause suffocation and you can us humidifier to avoid this.

Is it safe to keep on electric heater on while sleeping?

  • No.

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