List For Finding the Perfect Small Electric Cooker In 2020

Power Quick Pot Reviews 2019-2020

Electric Cooker Small is the machine which do not need more skills to use and give us advanced level cooking. This is really alternative to our gas stove. and make basic level cooking best. Your all these need are completed by cooker which is also popular by the name of insistent pot or power cooker. This one machine can do work of steamer cooker fry pressure cooker you-gut maker.It can bake and make boil egg and rice also. The cooker can work fast or slow as per your need. It can fit in to small size kitchen and give you better cooked food for healthy life.

It use programming to make food.It price is also affordable. Read this full article and get you best Electric cooker. Also the electric rice cooker price can be check by simply click on Button given bellow each cooker information.

Power Cooker List (Electric Pot)

1. Preethi Touch Electric Pressure Cooker (best electric rice cooker)

This preethi cooker can do 6 different types of cooking. It is steamer, slow cooker, pressure cooker saute pan, rice cooker and warmer.If you buy this cooker then you will not need to buy these 6 different appliances.


  • It’s full capacity is 6 litres which is enough for 12 peoples
  • It provide 100% nutrisian value
  • This cooker has life long warrenty by company
  • This cooker has 15 one touch operations
  • Dealy cooking 30min-8hrs
  • Auto keep warm that make food warm upto 4 hrs
  • It has many security feature for fire and electricity


  • 100% cooking
  • It dont make noice while cooking
  • Easy cooking
  • fast cooking
  • safety features added
  • Life Long Warrenty


  • It dont have cons


Preethi Electric Pressure cooker saves your money by providing 6 different machines work. To but this cooker It is mean that less congested  kitchen. preethi is very big brand name in electric cookers. You can definitely go with this cooker. This cooker is between top 2 in our given list.


2. Geek Robocook Automatic Electric cooker

This geek robocook automatic electric cooker come in black colour and in three different size. It is Geek brand speciality that they have 3 different size hence  you can select by need of your family. It also do the work of oven and pressure cooker


  • Multiyear safety mechanism
  • You need only to select option
  • Increase nutrition of food
  • It make your food healthy


  • Three different sizes
  • Safety Features provided
  • Multitasking


You can go with cooker because you can select the size of cooker according to your family theses choices of size are not provided by many company.



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3. Mealthy 9 in 1 Programmable Electric Pressure Cooker

This cooker come with stainless steal pot, steamer bascate and you will get instant access mealthy recipe app. It is 9 in 1 model.This cooker can do the work of pressure cooker, slow cooker, steam, cake baking, you-gt making, pasteuriser,food warmer.


  • 5 year warranty for pressure regulation system
  • You can make 2 dishes at one time
  • Extra silicon gas kit
  • Extra sub product like measuring cup, Steam rack rice paddle steal 8 compartment pot


This mealthy 9 in 1 Electric cooker give you multitasking features and also this company provide you 5 year warranty on pressure regulation system. They also provide extra sub product than other company.

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4. Insigna Pressure Cooker

Insigana Pressure Cooker has 6 mods. You can cook Rice, Soup, Meat, Fish, Beans, Cake etc. There are the functions for Pressure level, Delay, saute, Warm buttons. Alos you get measure cup, 2 spoons and stand for pot.


  • Best Build Quality
  • Different 6 mods.
  • Security features are available.
  • multipurpose electric cooker


Insigna Pressure Cooker has all modes that you need in your daily life like cooking rice,fish and also useful for making cake. It will definitely useful product.


5. Nuwave Pressure Cooker

Nuwave Pressure Cooker has 8 features Roast, Stew, Steam, Cook Rice, Slow, Sear, Canning, Bake, Warm. Many functions are available on screen. Nuwave cooker is trust able and used by many peoples and chef.


  • Cooks up to 70%
  • one touch cooking
  • Easy to use
  • It is small electric rice cooker


Nuwave Pressure Cooker is very useful and trust able having  many different features. This machine take place of 5-6 other appliance and give benefit in single machine.


6. Panasonic electric rice cooker

Panasonic electric rice cooker model SR-WA18(F)  is automatic cooker. It’s capacity is 4.4 ltrs i.e you can cook 1 kg rice in it and it’s weight is 2.20 kg. It comes with cooker, cooking plate, instruction manual, scope. It saves your gas. At the same time it saves electricity also. It not need much electricity.

This is an perfect appliance for delicious food. It has convenient lid and handles. ROHS complaint material.


  • This cooker Saves electricity It not need much electricity t work
  • It is Easy to operate
  • It have all required safety features
  • This cooker comes with 2 year warranty
  • It also have auto cut off and auto cooking features


Panasonic is very old brand in electronics industry also the electronic product of Panasonic are long time use full because of best quality material hence this is also best choice cooker for you.


7. Prestige rice cooker

Prestige Delight electric rice cooker has 1 year warranty on the cooker and 5 year warranty on heating plate. 230 v. It comes with main unit, manual and warranty card. It’s weight is 2.7 kg. This prestige rice cooker comes with additional cooking pans, measuring cup, rice scoop. It’s cooking capacity is 1 kg rice. It has one control switch lever that helps in automatic cooking.

The cool touch handles make easy to carry this cooker.It has close fit laid and detachable power cord. It has 1 unit electricity consumption for use of 1 hrs. You can use this cooker for multiple other boiling usage.   

About Prestige Brand :- Prestige is India’s one of the best brand in kitchen appliances. It makes many other electric appliance and kitchen tools. Product quality is also good of these brand.


  • brand is best in making electric appliance
  • warranty is provided
  • control switch for automatic cooking


  • The water keeps boiling over even when kept according to proper measurements
  • The body is made of plastic it should be stainless steal 
  • It’s size is very big


This is good brand for electric cooker and warranty is also provided. 


8. Butter Wave 1.2 litre multi cooker 

Butter Wave 1.2 litre multi cooker has very less price. It is budget  friendly, durable and stainless steal body. This Cooker has wide mouth which make it easy to use and clean. It has auto switch off feature. This cooker has temperature knob for water, tea and soup. It’s capacity is 1.2 litre. It has warranty of 1 year.

 concealed element is used that help to avoid corrosion and to spin your hands through multi cooker. It also have egg boiler plate and you can boil 6 egg at a time and it has transparent cover that helps you to check the eggs are boiled or not. The handle grip give strong and easy grip. The laid is maid of glass so you can see inside without opening it. It has automatic cut off feature that cut power supply automatically when the temperature inside exceeds the desire level. It is best for safety.


  • Auto cut off power supply best for safety 
  • This cooker is budget friendly
  • Operating is easy
  • 1 year warranty


  • Brand is not much big.


It has durable and stainless steal body. It’s price is budget friendly.

Small Electric Rice Cooker

9. Trady electric hot pot mini

This Trady electric hot pot mini is useful for boiling noodles. This has multiple attractive colour. It is also useful to boil water, eggs, pasta, Dumplings etc. soup,meat. This mini cooker is best for family and also best for students. It is convenient for all occasion home, travelling, camping and trip. The intrier is made of stainless steal and the food cook in this is safe and healthy. The cover is made of glass that make easy to view inside the cooker.

Handles stay cool all time and the best grip make it easy to carry. It’s base is 360 degree rotating and the power cable can wraparound it. It is easy to clean and because of small size this cooker is easy to store. It also has over heating protraction that adds extra  safety.  Company also provide warranty on the product that gives us trust on product even if the price is very less than other brand cookers. 


  • Less in price
  • Easy to carry 
  • mini size easy to store 
  • can be use for multiple purpose
  • warranty provided


  • Capacity is very low
  • Quality of material is not so good
  • It is too small not suitable many people use


This product is very useful for students and for trailing for camping or trip because of it’s small size. 


10. Argo suprim pro rice cooker

Argo suprim pro rice cooker has the capacity of 1 litre. This is not sustainable for big family. It comes with steamer tray. The laid of cooker is maid up of steal. Cool touch handles are provided and the power cord is detachable. Aluminium steamer is also included. It’s power consumption is 400 W. 3 year warranty is provided on heating plate. 1 year warranty is given on cooker. Cooker is easy to maintain, clean and use.


  • size is small hence easy to carry for trip
  • cost is very low
  • 3 year warranty on heating plate


  • Timing of cooking is imperfect
  • Manual provided only show pictorial representation of cooker
  • Trivet is not provided to separate starch form cooked rice


Price is budget friendly but the cooker is small and only useful for less people family. Some other issue are mentioned in cons. But this is ok with comparing to it’s price.

Buying Guide Lines :

1. Brand Choice : Brand choice is main factor to buy  any electronic product. Best Brand give us trust to invest our money in any product. This list has many brands that are old and have big range of good electronics products.

2. Safety Features : Safety is must see where we use electric product, all electric cooker list have beast safety features provided by the company. Always select the rice cooker that have over heating sensors hence cooker auto cut off the power to make cooker cool.

3. Warranty Period : Warranty gives us trust to by any product And additionally when we by electric product then warranty period affect more people love to buy the product which has more warranty period than others.

These are some buying guidelines that you should take while buying electric pot/ pressure cooker.

4.Quality : Quality should be main focus while selecting electric pressure cooker or any electronic product because the electric product should be safe and long time usable because we are investing large amount of money on the product.


what is the best brand of electric cooker?

Preethi is best brand of electric cooker.

where to buy electric cooker?

Link to buy electric cooker are provided below the article.

why electric pressure cooker

Electric pressure cooker ease the work and safe.

which electric cooker is best

Some of best are listed in article.

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